Future (Im)perfect, Case Study
What if we could track our moods into the future? What does it mean if we know our mood hours from now? Advised by Daniel Goddemeyer for the course "Future (Im)perfect at SVA, I designed a hypothetical app in the year 2300 that uses AI to track user moods which shape their relationship choices, scheduling decisions, and calendar management structures.
The Problem

Our circle of friends, family, and other relations are impacting our mood and taking away from living our best life.

The Solution

UNI “your mood matrix” tracks your moods as precisely as 15-minute increments to predict your future moods and optimize your relationship circles. 


User Interviews; User Testing; User Research & Site Analytics; Persona & Scenario Modeling; Brand Development; Wireframes; Prototypes; Experience Design; Concept Design; Interaction Design; UX Strategy


UX Designer & Researcher

User Interviews






out of sync, falls into the same patterns, not able to move forward in life 



clarity, direction, a supportive circle of strong relations, inner-awareness



to better understand her moods, foresee when she is going to feel a certain way, and carve her life based on this knowledge


Using revolutionary New Age technology, the buttons sewn into the dress can read your chakras. Then

the button data would connect and communicate with the app design.

Spirituality: Fulfilled or lacking?

Awareness: Do you feel like you are on top of your game, alert, or frustrated?

Communication: Do you feel listened to? Empathized with, in alignment with social relations, alone or ignored?

Love, Healing: Do you feel accepted by others, happy in love with love and your experiences, or needing love?

Wisdom, Power: Do you feel connected with your core being?

Sexuality, Creativity: Are you satisfied sexually, or feeling uncreative and uninspired?

Basic Trust: Do you trust others or not able to?

Other Features
Molds perfectly to your size
Deflects drones & other tracking
Changes texture based on mood
Vibrates when senses body out of sync
Color correlates with mood
Tracks & predicts your mood
landing screen

Welcome to UNI! This is the screen that displays when the app is loading.

User Journey
Scenario #1
Georgina's friend, Lauren texts her asking if she'd like to go out for dinner at 6:30pm. Georgina states that she'd love to and they plan on meeting a their favorite vegan restaurant.
Scenario #2
Based on the “Circles” page results in the app, Georgina decides to cut everyone out in her sad-face section. She erases these contacts from her life and avoids any correspondence with them in the future.
Scenario #3
As the app auto-cancels all appointments and scheduled commitments with those in her sad-face circle, she loses her job because she misses important meetings and gets cut out from other circles.
Discussion Points
  • Would this connect us closer together, or farther apart where we end up just cutting each other out of our inner circles?

  • Would this improve your life and take away from potential opportunities that could serve as spontaneous and unforeseen experiences?

  • Would you benefit from learning more about other people in this way, their moods and core feelings, or would this hinder all daily communications?

  • Would you rebel against the mood predictions or embrace them? If a rebellion, do these predictions serve as motivators for more productive behavior?



Hey there! I'm a multimodality artist with an ecstatic love for designing user-centered, digital experiences that energize powerful, dynamic dialogues in our interconnected world.



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