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Physical Computing, Case Study
"Hands Down" is an arm-wrestling match that displays the winner or the loser in real time. I designed and built "Hands Down" in collaboration with Addi and Johny Vino for our course, Physical Computing at SVA.
The Problem

Arm-wrestling opponents cannot see who is winning or losing in real-time while playing the game, via an interactive visualization nor are those watching the game involved in the experience.

The Solution

We created a mobile app in React that goes along with the arm-wresting match and detects when one player or the other is victorious.


User Interviews; User Testing; User Research & Site Analytics; Persona & Scenario Modeling; Brand Development; Wireframes; Prototypes; Experience Design; Concept Design; Interaction Design; UX Strategy


Addi Hou & Johny Vino


UX Designer & Researcher

Final Design
How It Works

Two players wear a band, which has an IR distance sensor in it. This sensor responds to the angle created by each player's forearm during the arm-wrestling match. The winner's side of the box will light up green, and the loser's side will light up red.


The app enables spectators to vote on who they think will win. The app also visualizes who the winner is in real time by showing either a large green or red circle that hovers over the respective player. A green circle means that the player is winning, while the red circle means that they are losing.


Once the loser hits either the spider or the scorpion with their hand at the opposite edge of the box, we sewed conductive thread onto the tops of their bodies which responds to a capacitative sensor, so that the app can register the losing side. Let the games begin!


sketches by Addi Hou

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